For over 50 years known as the design engineer’s magazine of product technology, Electronic Products specializes in reporting on new components used in the design of electronic equipment of all types. We cover products in the following categories:

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A: You don’t. Electronic Products is a magazine that specializes in reporting on new products for the electronics design engineer. We don’t sell products ourselves. We leave that to the companies we include in our magazine and in our product database on the Web, where we provide company contact information by telephone, fax, e-mail, and Web site.

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A: Electronics Engineering Technology is a broad course of study that prepares students to be Electronics Technicians. Our emphasis is solid theory with enough hands-on experience to be employable. Our graduates are employed to test and troubleshoot electronics equipment and systems, communications systems, and assist engineers in their work. The key advantage of this field is that your professional growth can progress along with added experience and schooling. Many of our graduates are now engineers and managers in major businesses.

Electrical Electronics is a course of study that prepares students for installation and maintenance of electronics systems found in modern manufacturing facilities. Some call this field “mechatronics. More emphasis is placed on application of electronics for industry with added courses in mechanical subjects. Most of our students in this program work full time during the day and work for their degree to gain advancement in their present occupation.

Electronics Servicing is an intense hands-on program that prepares students to repair computers, TVs , VCRs and audio equipment. Graduates work as service technicians and installers. Although the emphasis is on hands-on, the initial courses provide a comprehensive coverage of electricity and electronics so that technicians fully understand the complexity of today’s equipment and can diagnose equipment where service procedures do not exist or do not work.