Welcome to PValley .We are in the era of globalization based on economy, technical education and other aspects. The system is changing and merging with the information superhighway. The demand of Technical education has increased in regards of national & global economy.

PValley Industrial training Institute & PValley Electronics are very concerned about the change of technology and the requirement of human resources in the national & global market and in view of that change different programs. We are also concerned about the human resource demand for the local industry. Adaptation of new programs will enrich the human resource of Bangladesh and PValley Industrial Training Institute & PValley Electronics both are the platforms is to convert people to human resources and build them for the local as well as overseas employment.

Innovations in technology and communications have enabled the technical sector to expand its speed of technical education to a wider range of students in extensive areas. PValley Industrial training Institute is dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies in its efforts to bring the best possible Technical education to students all over the country. We provide them with the services and opportunities necessary to enable them to complete their respective skill development programs successfully.

PValley Industrial training Institute believes in quality and genuine Skill development. It is aware of the phenomenon of genuine and quality education. PValley Industrial training Institute ensures experienced and rich trade Course, updated curricula and modern environment.

Keeping the eyes on student’s career, PValley Industrial training Institute has introduced short courses like PValley skill Development Program, beside the Industrial & professional programs for Diploma & undergraduate level. PValley Industrial training Institute is conscious how the students could enter into their professional life with a good background and enrich their professional life within short time.

I wish every success to all students in their educational, Skill development and professional pursuits.

Md. Shabuj Hossen.
Chief Executive Officer
PValley Industrial Training Institute,
PValley Electronics.